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Hand drawing map of Costa Rica, Mapa de Costa Rica

Want to know more

about your favorite Costa Rican

destination?  Just click on

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The pan and zoom feature helps

 you quickly identify the lodging, restaurants, transportation

and points of interest in these popular Costa Rican tourist destinations.

Also you can find a directory with a listing  of all the Accommodation,

Bar & Restaurants, Tours, Transportation, Shopping & Services of each destinations.


Using our maps, you can feel confident about where you're going, what you want to do and how you're going to get there.


Find out printed maps when you arrive to

Costa Rica!!!

*you can find it at the Airport at Canatour Office and all the Rent a Car arround  the Airport

Also you can download

the App

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Mapas impresos de Costa Rica
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Phones: (506) 2643-5084

(506) 8317-2905

(506) 8705-2326

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