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Phones: (506) 2643-5084

             (506) 8317-2905

                      (506) 8705-2326

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• Never neglect your belongings in public places, buses or taxis.

• Store your valuables in your hotel safe.

• In case a car tire breaks, seek help from the police or the company where you rented the car, do not accept help from strangers.

• Avoid exchanging money on the street, as it runs the risk of being stolen.

• Do not exceed the speed limit and follow traffic signals. It is dangerous in the first place, and secondly, fines for traffic violations have increased drastically.

• If you are going to swim in the ocean or surf, learn about high tides.

• Hiring a tour has its advantages. You can relax and not think about driving, as well as learn interesting things from your guide. You will definitely feel more relaxed and learn more if you hire a tour.

• Water is potable in most of the national territory. We recommend drinking bottled water, especially in areas near the coast.

• Our currency is the Colon.  American dollars and credit cards can be used.

• The sales tax is 13% on the price of the item.

• In case of emergency call 911 for immediate assistance.

Emergency Numbers

Costa Rica has a 911 service just like the United States that should be used in the event of an emergency. Frommer's travel guide notes that an English-speaking operator should be available. In the event that you need an ambulance, dial 128, and call 118 to report a fire. In the event that you must contact the United States Embassy after hours for an emergency situation, such as a death or an arrest, call 506-8863-4895 in Costa Rica or 011-506-8863-4895 from the United States.


Call to Costa Rica

When contacting Costa Rica from outside Country, you must add 00 506 to the front of the number that you want to dial. To contact Costa Rica police in a non-emergency situation, you can contact the Judicial Police at either 2222-1365 or 2221-5337. The Traffic Police can be contacted by calling 2222-9330 or 2222-9245 while in the country. Frommer's also notes that dialing 1113 provides you with directory assistance in the country, while 1124 offers international directory assistance for travelers.



Phones: (506) 2643-5084

(506) 8317-2905

(506) 8705-2326